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Really Scrappy, a Nose Ring!!!!!!!!

Chile Bye is all I have to say. They talkin’ bout haters are going to hate on his new look. Haters to the left! Lil Scrappy has some new bling and he’s not afraid to show it. That’s right, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s most notorious romancer just inserted a tiny stud into his nose, and now he’s reppin’ it shame-free.Well Scrappy is one piercing away from being a Submerged Fruit Loop. Because this nose ring has sent him to the Sassy Boys of Atlanta Cast. HAAAAAAAA!
The tattooed rapper gave a little teaser yesterday on Instagram when he posted a picture at the dentist saying, “Finna get my teeth cleaned an then I have a surprise for the world some gne like it some gne hate it but shiiit they b hatin anyway.”
Sigh, he truly is a poet.
We’re not sure where the inspiration for the nose ring came from, but maybe his dental hygienist is to blame. Whoever’s the cause, Scraps is happy for his new facial piercing and proudly posted a picture of it on Instagram saying, “Man I’m cray rite now I just got the nose ring #hatestarts.”

Credit: Instagram

Well, maybe we’re being haters, but that stud looks like something a trendy middle school girl would wear. Could this be Scrappy Doo’s attempt at showing off his feminine side? Maybe his latest lady, Basketball Wives star Bambi, has brought out the new Scrappy. She is his boo, after all.
And Bambi took to Instagram to express just how much she loves her boy’s new bling.
“I love your face so much boo … #WeFine gon head and hate … It makes him love on me more,” she posted along with a picture of the couple wrapped up in a tight embrace.
That’s love (and hip hop) for ya!
What do you think of Lil Scrappy’s nose ring? 

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Bambi and Scrappy LAWD,LAWD,LAWD

Chile I guess Bambi said EFF the dumb stuff she is going to get her a man and get on her a hit show if that is the last thing she does. They all went out celebrating 2 -Chainz listening party the other night. The word around the campfire is that she and Scrappy is a item. Chile boo i guess he has dumped Erica and Shay and moved on to a Trill Bish. I knew when she popped up on the show as one of those extra girls that she was working on being on the show. I just knew she would be cozy up with no neck Benzino and not Scrappy.

Well you know these Atlanta Skreets are talking and a little bird has whispered something in my ear that Scrappy along with Erica have left the popular franchise. So I guess Scrappy is the one that is getting cozy with Bambi to secure a spot. The other word on the streets are they are casting for some new faces and Traci and Drew is not the ticket. Well I guess we will have to wait and see whats going to be going down with this cast.
I will keep you posted on all the foolishness around in the streets of Atlanta.

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Basketball Wives LA: Reunion Part 2

I really don’t know what to say from the travesty that I looked at on my TV. Now that Bambi, I am just speechless when it comes with how she is on this stage looking. Her and this barbie doll gold hair and that prom dress was definitely not the business. Lawd someone send her a fashion stylist and a hairstylist I know its someone out there can help her. 

So this second show started off where the last one left off, that Jon Sally had them playing a game of who they didn’t want to come back next season.  That crazy azz Laura trys to call Bambi out and ask what was her purpose for being on the show because she has no affiliation with the basketball wives. As I sat in my chair I was like and you do? But I forgot both of you women were jumpoffs. So I guess that makes you a Basketball wife..All of this is just a Pickle! Bambi really don’t like the sisters Laura and Gloria. Bambi kept asking Gloria where do we go to find the webisode, and you know Gloria she pops right back off with ummm where is your Album. These women are a slap mess. I can’t and I won’t with them!
That Jackie is a slap fool. Out of all the women she really held my attention with all her craziness. First of the only thing that is constant in Jackie’s world is that Eff’d up Hair that she always seem to rock. Girl please find a hairstylist for season 3. I just noticed that Jackie has a very nice ring on her finger and as I was thinking to myself there is something fishy with her and her husband getting married each year to prove their marriage. Chile they asked Jackie was her husband Gay. Apparently that was not the question she wanted to hear nor answer. That ole crow paused and she said he wasn’t. But hunnie world around the campfire is that he has a boy toy on the side, But you didn’t hear that from me! 
I mean I really couldn’t get much from this reunion. Nothing but it was boring as hell and I hope they get a new and interesting cast, because I can’t keep wasting my hour on these old crows!
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Basketball Wives LA Reunion Part 1

Ok hunnie chile, All of you know that I really can’t look at these Lame BasketBall Wives LA, But since I was forced to look at it the other day I just had the spirit in me to speak my mind on all these Ole Crows with no feathers! So on the first part of the “Basketball Wives L.A.” reunion, the recently married Gloria Govan was feeling her spirits or something, sitting on her stoop. As she did battle with Bambi, Gloria kept repeating over and over again that none of these bitches could see her cause they were all there BECAUSE of her.

I am the Reason! NOT!

“Let’s not get shit twisted. I’m the reason why there’s a spinoff. Gloria came to L.A. with my sister and we started Basketball Wives L.A.,” Gloria said.

Chile Bye, just cause you were on the original BBW, don’t mean they um mad a spinoff for your low budget AZZ. Hunnie your braids must have been too tight for your 10 inch sew-in that you were wearing!

YES, Gloria and Laura were the anchors for the first season of BBWLA, but let’s NOT get shit twisted.

Gloria you were invited to the original “Basketball Wives” show because of the messy drama between show creator Shaunie O’Neal and her sister, Laura. She was said to have been carrying on an affair with Shaunie’s ex-husband, Shaquille O’Neal. They couldn’t get Laura for the show at the time for various reasons, so they settled for her sister.

From the jump, Shaunie couldn’t stand Gloria and they basically CHASED HER ASS OUT OF MIAMI.

She did not leave on good terms with anyone. If her sister hadn’t been (allegedly) sleeping with Shaquille, she would’ve never been chosen for the original series in the first place.

Secondly, with the runaway success of the orignal BBW, a spinoff was pretty much guaranteed anyway. The idea of placing the BBW concept in another city was a no-brainer.

BBWLA would’ve worked just fine with or without Gloria and Laura there. The only ingredients needed to make the series be a go was 12oz of Indian Remy Weave, a Louis Vuitton Bag and a jump off, add a camera and BAM, you have a Ratchet show!

So Gloria needs to check herself before she wrecks herself. Yes, she was one of the O.G.s but she need not act like the show can’t run without her, cause it sure nuff can and will. Well i guess the ship wrecked because the word around LA LA land and all the internet that Shed Media, Shaunie and VH1 have fired all those snails, besides Draya and Looney toon Jackie for season three. Hunnie so that mean the O.G of the showed has been FIRED! Old Crow you better go find you another stoop to sit on! (HA)

So here are the tweets from Evelyn and Shaunie, Now I know Gloria didn’t think that they were not going to say anything. She set herself up for this failure! Now you know Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada couldn’t stay quiet when they caught wind of Gloria’s wild claim and Miss Lozada was quick to shut that shit down.

I just need to make something CLEAR! It is because of @shaunieoneal creating BBW Miami,Shed Media & @vh1 that there is a “SPIN-OFF” #CarryOn

— Evelyn Lozada (@EvelynLozada) December 11, 2012

Shaunie came in right behind for the shady co-sign too:

Thank u Boo! I’ve been telling myself 2 put the phone down #iwontaddresstrash lol RT @evelynlozada: (cont)

— Shaunie O’Neal (@ShaunieONeal) December 11, 2012

Chile this was everything to me this slight read from those two Monkies!

So let me just touch on the other girls that really dont matter.

Bambi, chile I tried to like you! But that barbie doll hair and that prom dress you had on. Hunnie I just couldn’t stand to even cut my eye over to you. All I wanted to do was Pluck my eyeballs out and place them on my desk until the show was over. My advice to you is get a Stylist.

All three of the looks, PASS! 

Brooke, she sat up on that chair, looking like a strawberry that had started to melt and they forgot to take the gold wrapping off. Hunnie that look was not working for me nor YOU! (loose it) Please and Thank You!

Laura, girl besides you Reading ancient Jackie about being broke. girlie when you took that costume ring off and told Jackie to take it and buy a house, all I was thinking of with what?  Because everybody knows that the ring was not real. Just tragic!

Malaysia, all I can say is I just can’t with you and I won’t, So that means i am shutting the door and running away from you and your Huge Teeth!

Draya, Pumpkin your hair was cute and your dress was too, But your actions are not the TEA! #PASS!

Jackie, I saved you for the last, and all I have to say about you with your thirteen year old weave is to clock out and never clock back in to be on the show. So you just really need to hit it on down the yellow brick road. {Ease on down, Ease on down the road}

This show is really like pulling all my veneers out my mouth the make something out of nothing. Please don’t try again. One more thing please five that foolish John Sally a job at Walmart since he likes to start fights and talk to Tired Looking women!

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