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Free Sabrina!!!! Not !

Chile well the Jailhouse Tea has been spilled and there is really no need for me to even waist my characters for this story. But I just feel like I need to make people aware of this breaking, but stale news. i know the other day “free sabrina” pics starting circulating the social networks. So if you slashed a girls face up so bad, why do you think u need to be free. Hell they need to put you under the jail with all the malicious things you have done in your life. This is where I say that Karma is a Black BITCH! Girl I hope you will be ok in your year in jail. I just have one question, I was told that she beat the girl up because she threaten your baby’s life. See this is the Tom Foolery I am talking about. Sabrina is too old to be acting the way she acts with these young children. So this is some pictures that I got from one of my sources off instagram.

See this is the foolishness I am talking about, calling people ugly and things. If you want the full story go to  +Michelle Brown

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