R & B Divas LA Reunion Part 1

07 Sep

Now this was the best reunion ever known to man. Just the fact that they got Wendy Williams to do this reunion was the best. Now let me get right down to what I have been meaning to say all season. Ms Kelly Price (Hungry Hippo) girl since when did you become anyones greek member? Chile PAHLEASE you need to sit down. The way that you acted all season I am sure the five members of that sorority do not want to be bothered with your fluffy ASS. 

I just have to say that Wendy Williams did not waste anytime asking these Divas about their personal life. I felt like I was on a uncensored Wendy Williams Show. Wendy gave me Life and Death all at the same time. (Two Snaps) Chante Moore girl I don’t know what you are going to do with those two monsters in your life Kenny and Kelly Price, but you need to deliver both of them because kenny need to sit his Fruity self down. What judge in its good mind will grant him custody of a chile from a mother that is good and not running the streets. You have to be careful with the show because he will say that you are trying to slander his character. Chile Boo. and for you and Kelly Price you need to sit sown and feed her some shrimp and let her know just because she is larger than you that don’t mean that she can tell you what to do.
Claudette, chile what you need to do is slander your babydaddy name and wuit trying to be his friend because he owes you too much child support and you need to make sure you will not be homeless again. So tell him to get a real job that is paying him a check everyweek and do that music thing like he has done before, Do that crap at night after he has clocked out of his real job. Thats some real talk girl. I want you to WIN, but you can’t being broke and being his friend.

Michell’le girl you are a crazy snail and if you like fooling with those men that are rough around the edges more power to you. You made me laugh once i got over your voice.

Kelly Price girl Please crawl under a rock and fall to the bed cause you are  fool and I just don’t have much to say on all that foolery that you have showed the world this season.

Lil Mo, Hunnay, Hunnay you are the realest of the real on this here TV. Thank you for staying true to yourself. But what I am going to tell you is hunnie its a never winning fight with Kelly. She is that type of person that will not own up to wrong. But I have someone that will let her have it…. @funkyDineva is the most truthful girl I know.  Look at her video to get the full effect from how  Jelly Rice acted.
Watch this clip!

Now that darn Dawn Robinson. She is a quitter and I really don’t want to waste my characters talking about her at all. I will get to her at a later date because I have the Hottest Sweet Peppermint Tea to Burn her with.

FlyGossip Guy


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