Porsha and Kordell Divorced ?!? Did they Fake their Divorce?

01 May

See this is the foolery that I am talking about. See what had happen was someone in Bravo’s camp needs to be fired because they are spilling all kinds of Tea that should not be spilled. Well according to my sources and in the blogosphere that Porsha and Kordell was on their way out the reality door. But when someone in Porsha’s camp got word that she was about to be out the door her and Kordell came up with the master plan to get a fake divorce. Well just to state my opinion I don’t believe it. Well I was on Instagram and he was like debating his love for Porsha and He was posting pictures reminiscing  on their marriage. Chile first of all if he missed her like that he would not even filed for divorce in the first place. How bout that? Now this is the Gag, This is what he was writing on his Instagram on April 28.

As you see he post a pic of him and Porsha, stating that he just had to post it. Well why did you feel the need to post these pictures on Instagram and then retract them. I went back to his Instagram Page and they are gone. What’s up with that Kordell?

Then he post a picture of Porsha and his father. Kordell what is this suppose to do, make her feel bad to come running back to you? Not going to happen. You made your bed with this one, so you need to lay in it Hot and All!


So then he post this in the comment. “What y’all think?? Here to work it out? Y’all have been supportive so I’m asking, may not work, but I’m going to try”

Now as I said earlier, I don’t believe anything that comes out his wife. To my understanding he really didn’t want anything to do with Bravo nor wanting Porsha to be apart of the show. So Kordell, my question to you, Is it cheaper to keep her or just trick her so she won’t end up with anything?

One more thing, while Kordell was posting these pictures, Porsha was doing the same she posted this Picture on Instagram then took it down. What does this mean? Is she contemplating going back with her husband?

All I know is somebody has some explaining to do if this is not true about the divorce. Porsha girl if you know like I know, you will run and don’t look back!

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