Nene Leakes, Exposed by Family

19 Apr

Hunnie boom boom chile. All I know is You can’t Win, When you play Dirty Hunnie! I know this Retarded Tea has been spilled, but it has been brought to my attention that I need to Spill even more of it! So I am going to lay it all down for you plain and simple. Now we all know that Nene has said time and time again that she is not from Athens, and she DEFINITELY let it be known that she was born in New York. So sunday that good Ole HENNESSEY TEA was spilled all over Bravo and its foolish Antics on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show. So it is just like this Nene and Phaedra goes into this long drawn out argument about Nene supposedly half sister. Well Monday all that Brown Hennessey TEA was again spilled. Chile I am just going to tell you the truth. Umm Boo Boo Ms. Leakes girl you should not be wanting to get all in people’s face and holler when you still have family issues. Hunnie according to my sources, chile they not trying to become relevant from your extended 15 mins of fame they just want you to tell the truth. Sooo Ms. Leakes you tells Phaedra she not smart and she can’t win when you play dirty. Well it looks like you are playing dirty to your WHOLE sisters, Then you go into this long spill telling Phaedra that everybody have secrets and you don’t want them told. Welp it looks like you got secrets and we all want to know. I mean really. So i retrieved this from Nene’s sister facebook page where she promotes her cosmetology business. I am going to let you take a look and you tell me what you think.

I mean when it all comes down to it we want Nene to be happy, But we welcome some good ole TEA.

Fly GossipGuy


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