The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Reunion Part 2

15 Apr

Hunnie the shade trees are out and hunnie they were Reading each other for FILTH tonight. This reunion was really a eye opener to some of the ladies. I am so glad that they are able to really sit down and let everyone know how they really feel. That Nene and Phaedra, there is another underlying problem that I want to solve because I know they can really be friends. Nene was really reading Phaedra to no return, she is a beast of reading and Phaedra just couldn’t reply and make it better. These ugly faces that they make when one is talking about each other is too funny. This was the Nene Leakes reading session for real tonight. She even came for Sheree with her Big Nose.

I am living for Phaedra and how quick her response to everything that Kenya has to say with her twirling fan self. Phaedra tells Kenya you owe me a back end for giving you a story line, chile that was too funny. I must say this, as much as I wanted to like Kandi, I think she is a Hater and there is no other way to put it with her 32′ stripper hair in and her spider eyelashes. Then she really having a issue about Kim taking her baby name KASH! Clearly Kandi you just got a man so there is not a baby anytime soon. Also people can name their baby any name they want too. There is not a law that you can’t name your chile the same as someone else.

I want Nene to star in a comedy because she is too funny with all her faces and antics that she does, this is definitly the Nene Leakes Show for real.

The highlight of the show was when Nene and Kim made amends and hug. This is what i like was Kim and Nene’s relationship. I could honestly say that Nene was happy, and Kim was happy. to tell you the truth I swear they were talking on the phone together everyday. Ha!

On part three of the reunion is going to be good and probably the best part.

Fly GossipGuy


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