The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Finale

08 Apr

Well last night the brown girls of atlanta heated up our tv screens. First le me just say all of the ladies looked very well last night. But hunnie there is one duck that get the outstanding SITTING Award, and that Duck is Cynthia Bailey. Boo Boo she was sitting on that sofa purched like a Eagle on a ledge. Ms Cynthia you did that girlie!

This reunion has really been long awaited because the drama between all the ladies have been crazy all season. So the word around the campfire is that Fruit Loop Kordell is locking Porsha out the house everynight because she is coming in late. Chile Boo Kordell, what is she suppose to do. Hell you out doing mating dances with all the boys on the BEAT and bring your baby mama over to the house. Hell if I was Porsha I would cut you on one of those bad football knees that you use to play with those boys in the park. OK, so Porsha came ready last night she read that spongebob squarepants Kenya all her rights last night. Hunnay, when Porsha told Kenya she need to quit fanning that fan before she dries out her contacts, Chile that made me chuckle and it gave me a little life. Two points for you Porsha. Chile that Porsha spoke her Speech with that fool Kenya. She said she is not having it tonight with the old lady.

Well the word around the campfire is that Kenya bought her body from Home Depot. I got all that Peppermint Tea from the Sassy Attorney Phaedra Parks, Now twirl on that Kenya. Phaedra was ready for Ms Kenya also. Chile Kenya didn’t have a chance last night. But what I can say is that Kenya did hold her own. She let all you birds to don’t come for her unless she sends for you and your feathers. LOL yes fake booty and bad skin.

Nene last night looked very regal and she really didn’t have too much to say, Hell she laughed all night just like a mean girl. But I loved it along with her mustard color finger waves. Nene you looked like a greek goddes Hunnie, BLOOP!

I can’t wait for Kim to come out next week because Ms G + G (Kandi) is not going to hear anything she has to say since she stole her baby name and she she didn’t pay her for that song that has paid for Kim’s new castle. Kandi I am not on Kim’s side but girl instead of changing your hair so many times you should have been trying to handle your business correctly. Hell Nene told you that Kim was not your friend and she was going to use you and throw you to the Curb. Yall Bishes going to learn to listen to Ms Leakes because she knows.

Welp Until Next week chile, oh I forgot to say this Kandi is a hater as Andy was talking to certain women she was rolling her eyes as usual. Chile she is jealous and she really have no reason. I feel she should be the most nice once with that joker looking face. I mean really!

Watch the full episode here

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One response to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Finale

  1. Hey Trina

    April 8, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    LMAO at Cordell doing the "mating dances with all the boys on the BEAT" you are a hoot along with those ATL birds….


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