Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 3

08 Apr

Hunnie this Married to Medicine is a hot juicy pickle. Its like I really don’t want to see it but its something or someone, I mean its Quad who keeps bringing me back to the tv. Now let me just get down to all the dirty medicine TEA! Mariah and Vagina Lips Kari at the wine testing place was just too funny. First Mariah I like that calmed down version of you, You looked very regal and I liked it. because when you have that 3d dusted eyeshadow and liner on, girl that hurts all of my eyes and my feelings. Please stop that, Oh ummmm girl you need a real colorist so we won’t see those bad roots. I know a place that can get you together girl, Hunnie that was SOME TEA and SOME SHADE but its all love! That Kari tried it last night and I just need for all the girls to go in on her and let her know that its never going to be all about her.

So Mariah and Kari are at the Wine tasting place and Kari is just plain out rude. When Mariah says give me my money back and I will just buy me some shoes, That dang Vagina Lips Kari said I will give you extra. Kari says so how much you want I have more than you need. Mariah hollers off and say Don’t give me no rubber check. Chile Mariah slayed her on national TV, I loved it. Can someone please tell me why tacky Toya thinks she has to get a bigger house. Chile you have so many other things to worry about and one of those is finding a better hairstylist, a dentist, and a doctor to perform some lipsuction. I mean she wants to spend all this money and she knows her husband is trying to do another business venture. I need for her to have a Eternal seat because she looks and sounds stupid.
I must say that I can already do without Dr. Walters and Dr. Simone, They are boring bootz and I can already seeing them being replaced for next season.
I live to hear Ms Quad talk with that memphis twang twirled with a touch of a young Drag queen and the old reading skills of a Old DragQueen. She has really been taught and I love it.

This is all I can pull from this boring show. But next week is going to be very interesting with Mariah and Toya fighting. I don’t know how Bravo feels about this fighting seen but hell they let it be aired so I guess they liked it. I hope they don’t get banned like basketball wives.

Check this clip out of Mariah and Toya fighting

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