The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 20 Season Finale

02 Apr

Well the last installment of The Real Brown Girls of Atlanta season has come to a end. Thank you jesus because they have truly worn me thin this season. Kenya and that Home Depot booty was just too much this whole season and definitely this episode. Kenya and that Bad skin lawd I am sure Proactive will give her a commercial and a endorsement deal.

Chile who told that Dr. Sherry that she can counsel someone. I cant with her and that TWA (teenie weenie afro). I mean who has she really helped out. I know she was helping the Braxtons, but clearly that crap didn’t work. I wouldn’t go to her if my life was depending on it. So catch this TEA BAG, why is Kordell thinking he some type of daddy to Porsha. Girl you better run from that man. Kordell this is a different time Boo Boo!
So Kenya’s party was really kind of cute. That Raynelle the party designer should have got her hair done and went on a diet prior to being on the show. Can you say she looked like a version of the black swan. Now that brandon tried it, saying Porsha looked like Arseno Hall by the chin, No god ms yellow banana looking like a possum by the face girl.

See girls I hope you all know that Kenya sat all of you up.She had Kandi looking more like Ike Turner than Tina Turner. Then she acted a Damn fool on all of you once again. Please tell me why you all fool with her. She is always crying somewhere, I really believe she is on some type of medication that makes her emotional. Now before I leave this finale, That Kordell has really p-u-l-l-e-d it tonight. He called brandon punk ass, Lawd call the law cause he is trying to do the most when he know he likes men. Hunnie low key he must like ms brandon.

Well this is all that I could really pull from this finale. Chile these women need some more action in their lives cause on a rating from 1-10 and ten being the best I give it a 5.

I can’t wait for this reunion because all of these ladies are pulling out the claws. It should be very entertaining.

Fly GossipGuy


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