The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 19

26 Mar

Well tonight on the latest episode of The Brown Girls Show! That Kenya just can’t grow up. All she wants to do is run out of every place that Walter is going to be at. Why is that crazy squared booty Kenya walking around saying that Walter is a stalker? She needs to check all her so called friends and make sure they are not inviting Walter to anything that she will be at. Enough with the looney bin and go ahead with the show.

Nene has clearly showed us this season that it is all about her and she really could careless what the other dingbats are doing. She and Gregg have really got their relationship back on track and they are making the best of it and you can tell that they are really happy. Kudos for you Nene and Gregg!

So this Episode was definitely about the battle of the Booties. Phaedra and Apollo’s Video was very very fun, and Kenya’s video on the other hand was very well constructed and she was not as playful as Phaedra. I think personally that both videos will do well because they both have a different appeal to every customer. But if you ask me that Phaedra is too funny saying her butt was homegrown and Kenya’s butt was bought from Home Depot. Now if that is not shade on a sunny day I don’t know what to tell you.

Porsha girl let me give you a word of advice, Leave that Dr Sherry along cause she is not hitting on anything. She couldn’t tell me how to go left. I am just saying. Run girl run!

Kandi I am so glad you are not telling your mom all your business this season Hell we have not seen her much at all. I am glad that Todd is in your life and I think he is going to make you a better you. But I just need you to quit crying when you get upset.

This episode was just a little Blah, Blah, Blah but what i grabbed from it all is that Kenya is a Dingbat and need medication fast. Cynthia is a messy Jessy trying to get that foolish Kenya to get over Walter. Porsha needs to get a backbone. Nene is the happiest that she has ever been. Kandi and Todd is cute and Kandi need to quit trying to get all the business ventures, she needs to stick to music and that sex toys that she does. Phaedra is just there but i like the roll she is playing at the moment.

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