The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 18

18 Mar

Well, Well, Well This was a very interesting installment on The real housewives franchise last night. They are giving Porsha more and more scenes and I am loving the way her characters is portrayed throughout the season. They show her as being real spacey and acting like she really don’t have a care in the world. To tell you the truth I kinda like it, she is giving us Black Barbie Valley Girl realness and its fresh. Now I can say that Kordell, Hunnie he is a major piece of work, But world that is Porsha’s problem not yours. She is being submissive that is what a good wife does. Now on to the foolishness that we tune into every sunday.

The show revisited its fake couple last night. Kenya and Walter. To tell you the truth I really want Kenya to grow up and leave some of her personalities at home. Girl you trying to seit and threaten people by telling them that they need to quit inviting Walter to events. Girl get over it, Atlanta is too small for you to be giving out demands. Hell they don’t have to invite him, because he can here about through the Atlanta Grapevine and Bam hunnie he is there. Thats that atlanta social elite , everyone in atlanta is apart of that social elite club.

Kenya “square booty” Moore really out did herself last night.I can really say she is the star of this franchise right now because Nene says she don’t have time to play with you silly Bitches, I am out here working. So Kenya brings her new Boy Toy to peter’s event. Chile Jamal Anderson do not want that foolish Kenya, This I do know! Kenya tried it when she said its ok for Walter to be there atleast she knows if she have a car troubles of a flat tire there is a tow truck driver in the room. Bahaaaaa now Kenya you was saying earlier in the season that he was a very successful business man, now why would you try to down play his job.

Bitches Mad!

Clearly this is really turning into the Kenya and Walter show. Walter seems to not pay Kenya any attention at all through all the events that went on during the show. All why Kenya tries to make people believe that Walter is gay. She always said that he never tried to have any sexual contact with her. Walter says he was just not that into her. Chile now thats the Gag and the TEA BAG!         

Phaedra let it be known that she don’t have time for Kenya’s games and she will just tolerate her so they can just move on, But Phaedra did let it be known that she is done with Kenya, She says because she is Old, Old news. Leave it to Phaedra to make you giggle with that old southern charm.

Cynthia my dear you are all over the place. I feel like you don’t know what or who you want to be. So its like if Nene is not around you are just all over the place. Get it together and quit wearing that side ponytail because you are looking more like a homeless girl than a regal model from the 80’s. I mean really.

Peter is almost as messy as his wife. Why does he keep asking Walter about sex with Kenya? Basically Walter lets Peter know that he likes his women like he like his rims 22,24,26. Now that is what you call funny. He just said that Kenya was too old for him. This is just a PICKLE that whole storyline is just gone too far. I guess this is why Walter is mad they didn’t invite him to be at the reunion.

I could just go on and on about this Kenya and Walter situation But I refuse to keep talking about them. In other housewife news that Kandi Buruss has the Biggest house in the Atlanta Franchise. That house is massive and I am glad she has purchased a new home because that one she was living in was so dated that I thought it was her mothers first home purchase and she gave it to Kandi to live in. Sidenote did you know Kandi was sueing Kim about Tardy for the Party, its about damn time. Here is the Link to this travesty

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