Fashion Queens

18 Mar

Hunnie I just don’t know what to say about this train wreck of a show. I don’t know what I expected but what I saw i was not really interested in hearing nor seeing what I did see! Bevy Smith I love you girlie, But this is not the show for you. You are very funny and all but I kinda think you might need a little media training. Let me just say this, when you go on tv I am sure the producer should have told you to spit out the chewing gum. Now this is what you call classless. Also is it just me or did she look like she was about to really pop out of that too tight outfit she had on. I guess Derek J did her hair cause it was TRAGIC!

Now on to the more horrible news around the two Atlanta Queens that was on this dreadful show. Why oh Why did Derek J look like a oversized mint julip. Hunnie I just can’t with all that blubber sitting in that chair. So these streets here in atlanta are whistling and they told me that the ladies are not lining up to sit in Derek’s chair. Chile if he is giving me all he got with Kandi’s hair I will surely pass on him. All I need for Derek to do to clean up his look is to quit spray painting his hair on and be a man and just get a bald head or be a ladyman like Miss Lawrence and wear a messed up head piece. Chile it won’t hurt to buy your clothes atleast a one size larger so you won’t looked like a stuffed olive.

I have saved the BEST tragedy for the last. Honey BooBoo chile its alive. What in the hell is that on Miss Lawrence’s head. It must be roadkill and i hate every piece of it. I wish someone will tell  miss lawrence that that Bight red old lady lipstick is not the move. That old outfit needs to be on the worst dress list and it should not have made it to the tv where he is talking about fashion. As I remember looking at the little teaser for the show, He says no ugly people allowed. Well hell they didn’t pay attention to none of the rules, because all those Birds are not easy on the eyes.

If this is going to be a regular show I will Pass and stick to looking at Joan Rivers, atleast she is dressed appropriate and she looks like she is polished and not looking like I am just walking around the city and looking REGULAR! I just have one question, What was Andy Cohen thinking when he gave this the Ok. I mean really Andy!

If you want to see the show Teaser, here it is

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