The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 13

28 Jan

Well I need everyone to pull up a seat and let me pour you some of this good ole hot Peppermint Tea. Because those ladies down in HotLanta was pulling out Lashes and dishing out shade. That Kenya has really made herself look a fool!

Kenya and that square booty of hers. I just want spongebob square booty Kenya to just go back to Cali, hell if she want she can go back to detroit! I mean really since you are not getting married to Walter you just want to give all that hate to everyone else in Atlanta. Ms Kenya you can’t keep going on like this, you just can’t. Before I go on I must say I know I have said that Kenya had a skin problem, but dang I know this show films for almost six months, I just want to know why one of her scenes she didn’t go to a dermatologist to get that skin together. I mean really Kenya, all this is not Miss USA like! 

Now Ms Cynthia, she has really turned into a READING MACHINE! Her mouth is so slick tonight that I almost can’t take it. I don’t know what it is but why was Cynthia trying to come for Porsha in almost every scene tonight! First of all Cynthia why you act like Porsha was suppose to be your assistant to this beauty pageant, Girl you do have people for that and “The Black Barbie” Porsha don’t have time for that foolishness. Porsha girl you better check ms supermodel and make her know. Hell just put your PAWS on her and call it a night! Then Cynthia had the nerve to say if she wanted a real singer at the beauty pageant she would just ask Kandi. Lawd where is my holy water, Please throw some on Cynthia and her bad ears! We all know that Kandi can’t sing and I wish she would stop trying to. But what I do know is that PORSHA, hunnie she can blow! I mean thats all I am saying! 

Kenya and Porsha I really think that meeting, Lunch shou;d have never happened. I mean it went from 0 to 1000 in a matter of 2 mins. First off Porsha I need you to get a little back bone and really pop Kenya because she really gets too wrong with you and I don’t like it! Second Kenya lotion is only a dollar in some stores. the lotion does not have to be name brand. I just need for you t use some. in the words of Porsha “Bye Ashy”. Kenya girl you can’t never say anything about anyone’s eyeshadow nor their hair. Chile that botched up color application on your head is about as bad as your skin and your square booty. I mean Really!

Nene I must say I am really loving you this season. I know they are really not showing much of you but when you pull up to the scene you ceiling is always missing. I love all the calmness and fun that you are having tonight. Girl but you could have worn your shoes for your party though! too funny!
The girls and their dinner was a mess as well! Kandi being a hater as usual, Cynthia throwing friendly shade, Phaedra’s name dropping and Porsha not showing those Hoes that she got singing skills! I wish Cynthia would quit trying to act like she is Kenya’s friend because Kenya don’t like anyone! I just want to know when Cynthia said that Porsha wanted to sing at her pageant, why did Kandi act like the girl didn’t know how to sing. I just needed Porsha to blow them out the water, because again we all know that Kandi can’t sing. Girl be glad you came out in the 90’s cause if you tried now it would be worst than those record sales from “fly above” a epic fail thats what it would be,  come on Kandi act right! 
Here is a small clip

Why in the Hell is that red lipped dragon still showing up. Him and Kenya and that bad skin they are almost twins so I need them to go call somebody hell because I am tired of looking at him and that face.  Then he have the nerve to get mad because Phaedra don’t like the Gay boys in Heels, Hell I don’t like it either. Its mighty funny that he goes from housewife to housewife! HUNNAAAAY he had Sheree, then he played with Marlo, now him and stallion booty are good buddies! I dont trust it hunnie! 

Kenya tonight has definitely been a mess. I guess its Kenya and the housewives tonight on Bravo! Kenya came in looking like a whale in a net and butt pads on. I thought all that was very distasteful. Kenya thought she was just going to talk to Phaedra any kind of way, Hunnie Phaedra shut that all the way down. Phaedra says whatever I say about you I can repeat it! Bam Kenya! 
These ladies were a hot mess tonight but I can say I loved every bit of it! 
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