SisterHood Season Premier on TLC

02 Jan

Well it looks like Atlanta has done it again with the ratchetness, and it looks like its going to be  problem with this set of ladies.

So this show starts out introducing the ladies and the first to come on the screen is Christina. She is married to Anthony which is a pastor of a church that they started together. They have two teenage girls and they are really going to be a hot mess together. Christina, thinks she is the lady that is going to always get all the ladies together like she is the head Preacher Wife. I am going to tell you know this is a Fail waiting to happen. She opens up her home to the ladies to have a lunch and to actually find out why Tara and her Husband Brian was fired from the church they moved all the way to Atlanta from Los Angeles to pastor. To tell you the truth its none of her business but she is the one that thinks she has to know everyones Business. So Anthony her husband has a mouth that needs to be watched. He says what he is thinking at anytime. Christine and Anthony wants to have a talk with their daughters because they are having fear that they are going to be sexually active soon. The first wrong of this scene is that the girls brings out drinks to give to the parents that they made and they have alcohol in them, then Anthony brings out a box of condoms and a banana and shows them how to put on a condom. Then he proceeds to tell them that he has had multiple STD’s in his life. That was just too much information.

If you missed my introduction to this new series here it is

Tara, if she don’t take me in the bathroom and show me that she is a lady I am going to keep saying that she is a man! So she is introduced saying that she is a Black barbie with long Barbie doll hair, I hate to say it but she does look like she has Barbie Doll hair because it does not look like its real in any kind of way! I really want her to seek out a nice salon, because she looks like she is going to Dominique’s $39 weave salon. So Tara with her husband Brian moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles to pastor a church. Chile something went totally wrong because they told them they could leave just after six weeks. Now they are in Atlanta looking for a church home and Basically a job! Christine Invites Tara to their home for lunch. Tara walks in saying that this is how you live when you are serving God. Chile they didn’t have any furniture in that empty house, It kinda looked like Kenya’s house from “the Real Housewives Of Atlanta”. Why is it that Tara had to try to Quote the bible every time someone is trying to talk to everyone.

Ivey, I want her to quit saying that she use to sing with the group Xscape as her claim to fame, Girl word all around the campfire is that you were in the group all of a month. You only performed once or twice before the group dismantled. I am about to put her in the same catagory with Farrah from Destiny’s Child. So Ivey wants to have another child. I don’t know why because she just had that one and I know her uterus wants to rest up first. I am not impressed with her story line its kinda low key boring. I will see how she comes along in the show.

Dominique, is a hot holy pickle! Her and her husband looking for another church to pastor, chile you two might need to join a church and just sit in the background until you can fix your marriage. This Boutique that she has look like a low grade consignment store that went wrong! Then she have the nerve to say she has a salon in the back and she is trying to be the home of the $39 weave. Ok I know a weave cost more than $39. Chile the service cost less than the hair you are going to buy! Well I guess there is something for everybody.

This show is going to be the death of me because through it all I can not say I got anything positve out this show. Oh well I guess this will be another Ratchett show coming straight from the A!

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