The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 8

24 Dec

First of all Kenya is Gone With the Wind Foolish!

Well I am pulling out my masks because these Atlanta women are not handing nor giving shade tonight. They are Throwing hot Peppermint Tea Shade tonight on the Housewives. I tell you Anguilla will never be the same. Kenya is still fuming that Porsha called her old. She tells the whole story to Walter to let him know how hurt she is and how disrespected that she feels. Walter really don’t care with the faces that he makes when she is talking to him.

Nene Leakes takes her tall self to Kandi’s room to let her know what happened last night, because her and Todd went to bed early.(They must be working on that Baby, or are they using all the BedroomKandi Prototypes!) LOL. They talked about their relationship and how they are so proud of each other. I thought that was a cute move on Nene’s part.

So the group are getting ready to go to the beach, Kenya calls a meeting. All I could think is oh hell its about to go down again (round 2). She tells Porsha she sorry and Porsha tries to get a word in but Ms Kenya is not letting that happen. So you know Porsha gives us a good ole Atlanta read and says she giving us a Pageant Apology with her old Raisin Face! Chile I could have fell out my chair when she said her face looks like a old raisin. Girl that was hilarious. So the meeting goes left, Porsha and Kenya still are not feeling each other at all. Then the fool (Kenya) says its all about the Twirl and the wave. Chile she is just a hot pickle that is about to go sour to the second degree! They are all sitting down getting ready to eat lunch, and you know Kenya is really feeling herself that morning. She starts off with Cynthia I got you a gift for you and its Vanessa Williams Book. Ok is it me or is Kenya really crazy, she fusses with everybody about her crown and what they need to call her. Chile that is her way to argue with everyone in the group. But hunnie that Cynthia said she is not feeling it and she thinks Kenya was trying to READ her in a funny way. Chile Ms Cynthia lets her know she knows history and she was not trying to be funny she was just letting her know she is not a dummy! So the group starts talking about their engagements and that Kenya puckers up her lips like she wants a kiss, That crazy Walter is going to say “that will have to wait” Chile that Walter is a comedian, I fell out laughing at that comment.

When I tell you Nene is definitely at a different place this season and I love it. her and Greg goes horse back riding and Nene with her crazy self talking about, “I have rode some horses in my lifetime, they just didn’t have four legs” Lawd, Lawd, Lawd. Thats the Nene I think everybody loves! Welcome Back Lennethia!

I am going to say it like this, Kenya needs to have Several Seats, because I feel like she don’t have any home training and that whole spill on somebody have to let the young people know what is appropriate. Girl who cares. Chile Cynthia really don’t care about what she is saying at all I see it in Cynthia’s Face. Kenya says its been two months why are we talking about this, Cynthia says hell I didn’t think you would be around this long for me to address this! YASSSS Cynthia for that soft read, I caught it girlie! Then this fool Kenya falls on the ground and starts hollering, can you say make her medicine stronger please!

Now what I won’t speak on is that scene where they are spreading their legs and doing splits. Chile I can’t and I won’t for some of those Bad bodies and war wounds. I thought I was at a hood strip club. Oops i guess I did just speak on them. Ha!

So they all starts to sit down and eat their dinner, That Porsha said she is not worried about Ms Raisin Face at the end of the table. Too funny. Peter gets up, Lawd I didn’t know Peter was in the business of Handing out Shade. I thought that was Greg’s job! But apparently Peter starts to talk about Walter and Kenya’s relationship being fake. Peter tells Walter that the word around the campfire you only have 12 more hours to propose to that foolish azz Kenya! Walter quickly says umm that is not going to happen. Hunnie I wish I could show you how that ole Raisin Face looked when he said that.

After all that Phaedra says I feel sorry for Kenya, cause she is yearning for some love. Everybody knows at this point that the relationship is not real, so crazy (Kenya) decides that its her turn to leave the table. She turns into a actress and starts crying giving Walter the most. Walter let her know that a wedding is not going to happen cause you are pressuring me. Kenya hates that and she storms off to sit in the corner like she is 8. I am going to say this again that Kenya needs some stronger meds and that is all I am going to say about this Crow!

Phaedra goes to see where the crazy patient is, She see this fool and she sitting in a wooded area by herself. Chile bring out the white straight jacket cause she needs it! Phaedra gives her a good southern talk. Kenya says walter is acting crazy, Lawd now I know she a fool. Apollo comes up and steals the show. He says I thought you had ran back to atlanta. All i could do is laugh at this foolishness.

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