Basketball Wives LA: Reunion Part 2

18 Dec

I really don’t know what to say from the travesty that I looked at on my TV. Now that Bambi, I am just speechless when it comes with how she is on this stage looking. Her and this barbie doll gold hair and that prom dress was definitely not the business. Lawd someone send her a fashion stylist and a hairstylist I know its someone out there can help her. 

So this second show started off where the last one left off, that Jon Sally had them playing a game of who they didn’t want to come back next season.  That crazy azz Laura trys to call Bambi out and ask what was her purpose for being on the show because she has no affiliation with the basketball wives. As I sat in my chair I was like and you do? But I forgot both of you women were jumpoffs. So I guess that makes you a Basketball wife..All of this is just a Pickle! Bambi really don’t like the sisters Laura and Gloria. Bambi kept asking Gloria where do we go to find the webisode, and you know Gloria she pops right back off with ummm where is your Album. These women are a slap mess. I can’t and I won’t with them!
That Jackie is a slap fool. Out of all the women she really held my attention with all her craziness. First of the only thing that is constant in Jackie’s world is that Eff’d up Hair that she always seem to rock. Girl please find a hairstylist for season 3. I just noticed that Jackie has a very nice ring on her finger and as I was thinking to myself there is something fishy with her and her husband getting married each year to prove their marriage. Chile they asked Jackie was her husband Gay. Apparently that was not the question she wanted to hear nor answer. That ole crow paused and she said he wasn’t. But hunnie world around the campfire is that he has a boy toy on the side, But you didn’t hear that from me! 
I mean I really couldn’t get much from this reunion. Nothing but it was boring as hell and I hope they get a new and interesting cast, because I can’t keep wasting my hour on these old crows!
Fly GossipGuy

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