New Reality Show Alert: The Sisterhood, Coming to TLC

04 Dec

Lawd I know its going to snow in Atlanta this year. Now this is the Hottest Peppemint Tea that I can dish out. First of all its The First Ladies of the Church, So that makes these ladies the wives of pastors. TLC producers are going to Hell for making this show a reality. Chile I don’t know who is going to come first, The Lord or the destruction of the church, Either way its going to be a pickle.

TLC is prepping for the next reality phenomenon called “The Sisterhood” Meet these pastor”s wives, who will be stirring up drama in the name of jesus. Hunnie this show could not be anymore ratchet, so they decided to base it in Atlanta, thats make the situation worse. I bet TLC is hoping it will bring all the drama and excitement like “RHOA”, “BBW”, and “LHHATL” but with Jesus as the storyline. This show will provide us with a candid look at Five Larger-than_Life Preacher’s Wives as they run their families and Churches. Well if you know like I know, a successful show comes from a drama filled shoe, and I believe that will definitely be the look these ladies are going for.

Well the word around the campfire is that the trailer to this show is explosive and the only thing they agree on is their love for “GOD”. Chile everything else is up for grabs with these ladies. This might be interesting with all their skeletons coming to light. Huntaaaaay, from what I heard is there will be sex(with handcuffs), Fighting with Bibles, Fancy clothes and probably some Red Bottoms!

Lets meet these Broads, I mean First Ladies of the Churches of Atlanta

Dominique Scott is not your the typical preachers wife, she’s bold, Unapologetically honest. Chile she married Brian a pastor, but after years they had to shut the doors of the church because of hard times. So they are looking for the next opportunity and this might be what they are looking for.

Tara Y. Lewis, Hunnie in my opinion Tara looks like one of those cross dressers, you know DragQueens. Tara and her husband relocated to Atlanta from Los Angeles. So Brian, tara’s husband received a job at at church in Atlanta. Now times are getting hard, they are struggling to find their footing in a city where new churches and new friends are hard to come by, Especially after losing the church in six weeks after moving to a new city.

Ivy Couch, YES Mam, the cast just keeps getting better. Ms. Ivy was a former member of the group Xscape. She use to be in the party scene, but since meeting her husband Mark, Pastor of Emmanuel Tabernacle Church she is devoted to being that first lady. Ivy is humming to a more angelic tune now. Since she is from the streets of atlanta she can relate to her husbands congregation.

Christina Murray, Now this little Beige lady is Dominican and she says she don’t play! Here we go, thats all we need is a sassy Latina to be in the picture. Christina and her husband runs one of the largest and most successful churches in the atlanta area called Oasis Family Life Church. This church is growing so there is always conflicts and they have two teenage daughters that are sassy just like their mother. So there story line should be everything to watch.

Delana Rutherford, So this chicken thinks she is a rockstar. She wears leather pants and spiked heels to church to sing in.Her alongside with her husband pastor Myles. He is the Pastor at Wonders Church, where music is the main focus of the ministry. They write their own music and perform original songs at every service. I guess they think they are Beyonce and Jay Z of the Christian World. (Chuckles to myself)

 I know what I can say about all these ladies, that hair they all have in their heads is not the gag nor the tea, is a Damn Shame!

This Show will grace us with their presence on January 1 on TLC..
I hope you all will be watching because I will.

Fly GossipGuy


2 responses to “New Reality Show Alert: The Sisterhood, Coming to TLC

  1. Glam_Couture™

    December 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    ROFL…Jesus help me Cuz I didn't haven't too many good comments and one of the ladies looks like she is trying to XSCAPE a drug habit…but just hold ya head high baby God has you! #pleadingthe5th

  2. Anonymous

    January 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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