Kenya Moore Just can’t get Enough of Throwing Porsha under the bus!

29 Nov

Well Chile that Kenya has done it again! I dont know why she has the HATE card out on poor Porsha Stewart, But she Hates her guts and it is so evident. So Kenya goes on Wendy Williams this morning looking like a freshly cut Daffodil and chile I tell you when she walked out onto that stage all I could see was that square booty. Hunnie its not real and you can’t make me believe it. So instead of calling her Bad Skin Judy, I am going to call her Kenya Square Pants, cause that BOOTAY is Square! One more thing, Who curled her hair? It looks like a tired poodle, it almost look like some Coochie Crack…Umph!

So during the Interview wendy ask her a lot of questions, One being why you flirting so hard with Apollo, Phaedra’s Husband? She in returns with a canter of who says Apollo isn’t flirting with me? Chile u going to make that Phaedra throw some Southern Hospitality on that Square Booty! I have nothing to say because regardless if you are not flirting with him, as he is flirting with you that means you have no respect for a marriage and chile the Peppermint tea on the whole situation you better not marry that Walter (Soul Glo Head) cause he was just spotted out with another lady!

Then Wendy ask her about Porsha being the young 20 something, she blurts she is 31. I already see Kenya just dont like the poor girl. Kenya goes more in depth about Porsha is dumb and she can’t read. Chile I cant with that Kenya. But this phrase that comes out her mouth “Some people work for a living, some people TWERK for a living” Chile she READ without even opening up her Pageant Manuel! LOL.

I will let you all be the judge of the lady that Throws Shade on a winter evening!

Fly GossipGuy


2 responses to “Kenya Moore Just can’t get Enough of Throwing Porsha under the bus!

  1. Hey Trina

    November 29, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Lawd when are they gonna sit that Kenya down??? somebody needs to get her good. lol.

  2. Fly GossipGuy

    November 29, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    Lol She is a Ultimate Pickle!!!!!


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