Exclusive: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

23 Nov

I cant wait for sunday to get here, Because some Disturbing news have developed and hunnie Ms Cynthia is about to read Ms Donkey Booty, I mean Phaedra. Apparently Phaedra was talking about Cynthia and chile Cynthia didn’t like it not one bit! I cant wait to see how Phaedra is going to worm out of this one, because again Cynthia is going to REEEEEAD hunty. I dont know what has stirred up Cynthia bones but she is letting these girls have it!

Hunnie I was checking the Police Blotter and guess who is out of jail MISS Marlo Hampton, lol I am just playing but for real though she has taped a few scenes with Nene and we will see that BURL this season. I know the girls will hate to see her coming especially that Kim and that Kandi, because Marlo gave them what they didn’t want during that season 4 reunion. So I know this will be good when she comes around. Also Nene says that Marlo deserves to be a housewife anyway!

Chile I know this Bird is not a present housewife but she deserves to be talked about. Why is she still trying to make SHE by SHEREE a fashion line? Hunnie I can’t with her and this make believe fashion line. Ok when you were on a major network you couldnt make anything happen. What makes you think now you can make it all go to the next level. Since her line will not be High Fashion its going to be a fitness line “FAIL”. Also she says that the world likes to see her on Tv so she is in talks with several networks about developing a show for her like “Kimora’s Life in the Fab Lane”. Chile first of all Kimora’s Ex-husband pays his child support and ummm she already had a established line. I like that Sheree is so optimistic, but I need for her to stop, smell the coffee and get a regular JOB!



One response to “Exclusive: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. iBlackStarz

    November 24, 2012 at 7:15 am

    "Classy Attorney", Why are you being Messy, and Read her Cynthia, YOU BETTER HER .COM; I Am Ready to see Marlo, For I Miss her So Much; She By Sheree, I thought she was on the Ranch with Bubbles and Them, iGuess…..


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