The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 3

19 Nov

Are you ready to Rumble?????

Chile this show just keep getting better an SHADIER, as the weeks goes by! Its soo much shade going on that I am going to need a 3 Gallon tub of Peppermint Tea to pass out tonight, Because hunnie those girls down in HOTT ALANTA are crazy.. First let me just say that Gregg is really trying to get a key. Nene better give him a key to the house and a key to her heart, because this cant be the whole season of him asking for some keys, I am just not going to put up with this, Give him a key to your home, heart and get him that list for therapy.

That Miss Lawrence comes in with this belt on his stomach looking like greg little son with that belly belt, Hell he look pregnant, But wait he is a boy pretending to be a girl so I guess that makes him a BURL. (Falls out laughing at myself)

  Phaedra and this donkey booty, First she really don’t want to break a sweat, but then she says when god was handing out booties she said  2 scoops like she is 2 chainz! Now that Phaedra calling Kenya a strange Bird! That was everything I needed for a laugh. I Live for that soft READ! Yes Bish read on!!

  Kim, I just cant with her. I dont like her story line and her relationship with her slave (sweetie) i really cant take! when will her slave (sweetie) learn we are not in the 1950’s and being a slave is not the TEA.COM? I am just saying, and that is coming from the realest bone in my body! So you still have your townhouse, and it is 5,000 sqft and you act like you are moving into a 1200 sqft apartment. Hunnie we all know per Nene that you grew up in a fema trailer. So moving into that townhouse should have been like a castle. This is why I cant with Kim. Umm let me tweet Andy Cohen so he can donate Kim another 30 min segment for 8 weeks documenting that move of hers. Thats what she get for lying, when she was on(my best friend in my head) Wendy Williams Show. She told wendy that they were about to close on the house CLEARLY that was a Lie.

  Kandi was kind of boring tonight just like her Hair and the way she dress, BORING!

  Kenya Moore, I have to use her first and last name because she is a straight clown. So she meets with phaedra and tell her that her mom didnt want her and her mom had a mental problem, chile that explains why she looks foolish at times! But I cant take another fake cry for the rest of the season. I forgot she is a actress so she must be rehearsing for a part. LOL. I am just saying! I am going to say this again Kenya Moore is a very VERY disrespectful ole Fish, and yes I did call her a Fish. The way she just talk to people is just wrong. The way she was acting at Porsha’s event, Hunnie I probably would have Read her some walking papers. Ms Kenya the Dragon gurl that dress and that so called donkey booty is almost not the move. You are one pump away from having a ugly deformed booty. I hope you didn’t pay that pretend doctor too much for that donkey booty!

  Porsha Williams-Stewart was introduced tonight. Everybody knows she is instantly one of my favorites just from the super trailer when she told that Drag Queen Kenya Moore, BYE ASHY! That was my favorite and it put Porsha right on my list of one liners. If you know me you will know  one liner will get you everywhere with me. I am glad they have her on the show showcasing her grandfathers legacy so more people will see what the foundation is about. I am all about giving back so you go girl with two snaps in a circle and a Kiss! As you can see Porsha can definitely hold her on, when Kenya tells her to google her and Porsha shouts out “You are not even in the search engine, you are so OLD” oh HUNTAE I live 80 more Years for ELOQUENT READ!

  Cynthia tonight was just ok, I like she shows Nene how to ride the subway, But on another note, did anyone catch that Peppermint Tea Bag when Cynthia comes to Nene’s room and she already have her blue eyeshadow on, but soon after her hairstylist and her makeup artist comes in. Hell the makeup artist didn’t even touch her eyes nor her cheeks because they looked the same like they did when they got there. Now that is what I call a Ultimate Pickle! But that is Bravo for you, they will make u look a fool. LMBO!

Oh before I let you go, when Kenya was outside waiting on Miss Lawrence to come, why was her little toe hanging out the side of those TIRED strapped HOENOLOS  BLACKONICS (Manolo Blahnik), and Why did Miss Lawrence head looked like it had been in a meteor shower. When they showed his head all I saw was Dents, Bald spots,  ugly blue nails that needed to be redone and those Tired AZZ contacts. BURL it is 2012 and colored contacts are definitely 1993 the year she won her infamous title! CHILE BYE.


Nene, is still giving me Blonde Bombshell. She will stay that until she show me that she cant keep that blonde together. LOL YESSSSS BLONDIE!

Cynthia, I told everyone from the beginning that she has step her hair game up and got her 20 ounces of hair. I guess she stopped some of those street peddlers where she stay and bout some hair from them. Because word around the camp fire is everybody and their Granny is selling so call indian hair. Thats a Failed Pickled, But I guess!

Phaedra, Lawd I don know what to say, normally she give me Gone with the Wind Ghetto Chic. But today she gave me Banchie! Sorry hunnie, But I call it as I see it!

Kim, I dont even know why I include her because she wears a wig of three Monkies. LOL!!!

Kandi, Well her time today was so short i didn’t see much. But that Ponytail she had was ok for moving so I guess she will get a pass!

Kenya, Sometimes Kenya gives me what I need to see when it comes to hair. All i can say is girl you need to consult with a true colorist so it does not just look like you been playing in the spray color you
buy from the asians back in the 90’s. But I forget that was your hay day and you are stuck in it!

Porsha, Girlie you wore that Ole Nasty Bun at the fundraiser tonight. Hunnie if you know me you know I love a Nasty Bun and you gave it to me. Owwwwww!



2 responses to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 3

  1. iBlackStarz

    November 19, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Kenya is the type of person that hears what He/She wants. I didn't hear Porcha ask Kenya to be a guest of Honor, for Kenya needs Mental help rather than her Mother!

  2. soritza dubose

    November 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I know Kenya is mental but thats why I love her soo….she is too damn crazy but it makes for good TV. She needs to see a podiatrist to shave back them corns and bunions!! LOL….Porchia was making me sick with that whinning voice…I wish Kenya had slapped her in her mouth for walking her balck ass back outside like a retard!! LOL…


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