The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 1 review

08 Nov

Welp this season of the Atlanta girls are heating up and just in time cause its getting a little chilly outside. Ms Nene opened up the show giving me good ole Athens realness reads for the children. She said when she moves into her trailer for Glee, the trailer that Kim grew up in, I almost had a heart attack instantly. I was like BISH u reading that wig wearing pregnant white lady! Nene this season i think is going to be very calm and collected with her taking us into her Hollywood life. I am really going to really enjoy seeing her growth as a hollywood actress.

Now if that Kandi Buruss dont quit letting Kim get away with the insults that she let comes out her mouth I am going to smack her through the tv. Cause what I can’t take is her being so disrespectful. Kandi invited her to see her new house and Kim and that slave sweetie comes with their Hater Shades on. Umm sweetie where do you live and what type of job do you have besides being a slave. I am going to need for sweetie and her master Kim to go have several seats, Cause that Miss Kandi is a BAWSE and she is doing Bawse things! With that being said I am not even going to give Kim too much of my attention today.

Phaedra Parks on this last episode was just ok, it was not really nothing to right home about other than she visiting that veternarian and hoping she will give you business just because she was  UGA alumnae like her… *Blank Stare*

Cynthia Bailey-Thomas on the other hand, She is giving me to much too fast, so you let your baby daddy stay at the house with you and your husband? Girl that is gangster living there. Chile you need to check that daughter of yours and let her know that she can not be trying to make you look no more stupid than you look already. (I am just saying) But who she really needs to get together is that Kenya the Dragon Moore

With that being said this Kenya Moore the late great unheard of Miss America, oops I meant Miss USA, or whatever she did in that time in the 1940’s..(Chuckles) She is really doing the most and her and Miss Lawrence need to sit down I cant with his red nails and ugly contacts i thought that went out in the 90’s. While she is pressuring that old man about getting married and having children she needs to be worrying about her eggs in her ovaries thats probably sand cause that dragon is ancient hunnie!

Overall they gave us entertainment for the evening, I cant wait until they unleash Porsha on Kenya and she calls her ashy! That right there is a read if I never heard one!


Nene Hair is everything giving me Blonde bombshell

Cynthia, well she trying anything is better than the first season looking like a slick down slave

Kandi, girl u need to quit looking like you going to be a reporter for the kandi koated news. Just tragic.

Kim a 100 lbs wig as usual. Girl please find another look.

Phaedra, well you know she is a southern belle and she wants to look classic and dated and it is just that DATED! Sorry phaedra I love you girl but we need to update you!

Kenya you look like all he BASIC chicks walking around in atlanta. Sorry Dragon!



One response to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 1 review

  1. iBlackStarz

    November 8, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    LOL, Bless All of Their Hearts!


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